The Real Skinny on Fat – Docuseries

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Here we are already at Episode 6 of this amazing nine-episode series playing each episode for free this one time through. This episode is all about how to heal your body, kick disease to the curb, and triumph over your weight.

It’s live and ready to go, and if you’ve been curious about fasting, detox, and the effect our modern environment has on our health—you’ll love what we’ve got for you tonight.

You’ll get to meet with Dr. Dan Pompa.

As a young man with a wife and two babies, Dr. Pompa had a thriving medical practice and life should have been ideal.

But when he least expected it…

…he found himself barely functioning—mercury and lead poisoning was causing him to be seriously ill, and he was at the point where he lost the will to live.

Through this struggle, Dr. Pompa learned some incredible and simple protocols that can assist us all in our quest to be fit and well.

In the 60’s, the US had a chronic disease burden of just 4% over the course of a person’s lifetime.

Today, our children alone suffer from chronic disease at a rate of 46%!

Not only that, but in 1975 the rate of autism in children was just one in 5,000 — today, we’re seeing rates of 1 in 44.

What’s happened to our health?

Dr. Zach Bush is a triple board certified MD and he’s alarmed at the direction we’re heading.

Dr. Bush describes the specific circumstances that have led to our crippling health crisis—and exposes the appalling conditions in feedlots and poultry farms—you’ll begin to see a toxic chain that’s made its way into every cell of our bodies.

Christopher Shade is a PhD whose studies in the area of environmental toxins led him to a career dedicated to helping people detox from the industrial and medical toxins that assault our bodies every day.

He’ll explain how detox works, and why most “detoxes” today are just slick marketing and not really helping you get well and move toxins out of your body.

Thanks so much for watching, sharing, and supporting us in our mission to bring this life-changing information to as many people as possible.

And, make sure that you see tonight’s BONUS episode – Dr. Joe Mercola! Dr. Mercola is a mover and shaker in the health community. He wrote the book on fat…literally! An astounding 80% of people suffer from diabetes or prediabetes, and cancer is on the rise at an alarming rate. This interview is a treasure-trove packed with information about insulin resistance, the harmful effects of EMFs, and much more.

All of this and more presented by Wellness Warrior Naomi Whittel in conversation with Montel Williams.

Every episode has been mind-blowing, life altering, perspective shifting. I’ll want to own the whole series so that we can incorporate this leading edge information into our homelessness remediation plans and programs, and offer the series as a premium to new members when we open the Community Wellspring membership organization and credit union.