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Community Wellspring Credit Union

Introducing the concept:

The primary reason for the poverty and homelessness we see before us is the fact that the volatility of money is at a total stop in our local community. Self supporting jobs are non-existent. Our young people can’t find jobs that support the rent required to live in this town. Our old people surely cannot and we see the evidence of that in the faces of many of the homeless people wandering around with no place to go.

It’s easy to see why this is the case when you look at the fact that the first $50 million of the city’s productivity is captured and poured into CAFR accounts of one form or another to fulfill some illogical requirement that we sustain some other securities market somewhere else in the world that has nothing at all to do with this town or its residents.

The remedy for this that we are bringing to bear here in Costa Mesa is the creation of a California State-chartered, unincorporated, member-owned local credit union that will serve all residents that either work or live or worship in community within the boundaries of all Costa Mesa zip codes and including all zip codes that share an adjacent boundary with Costa Mesa.

This is who qualifies to become a member of the founding branch of the Community Wellspring Credit Union irrespective of income or previous credit history.  By now, all of that is irrelevant.

[See 9/4/18 XJ22 report linked below for an explanation of why that is the case.]

As the reader will come to appreciate upon doing your own research, the faster those reserve funds are removed from those dead CAFR accounts, along with the hundreds of millions of dollars held in management by the O.C. Board of Supervisors and being stored some unaccountable somewhere – the faster those funds can be preserved and put to use to renew and restore the volatility of money in our local economy.




This is a snapshot of the credit union business model:

  • how it works: The credit union and all its assets are owned by its members who qualify for membership by committing to paying $36.90 per month per adult member in the family, and half that for minor children. Those membership dues are distributed according to the Linear Form Infographic and go to support the credit union operations plus the full staffing and operations of the Community Wellspring service organization once it has been built out.

That is to say that the model is designed to sustain the operations of the organization through the monthly membership dues once 100% of the targets are met. See the Conceptual Form infographic for an illustration of what that looks like.

  • its purpose in the overall project: A locally owned credit union will restore liquidity to the process of recovering from being homeless or on the brink of being homeless. Everything that needs to be done to remedy the homelessness in our town requires sufficient funding to carry it out. So, the appropriate remedy is to rehydrate everyone so that we can all operate and function properly in the world.

CW Infographic Conceptual Form - v12 -082018



CW Infographic-Linear form v 11 042518




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How to End the Federal Reserve

Sarah Westall’s recent episode with Wayne Jett shares WHY it is so critical to end the Federal Reserve. In  this episode Ellen Brown, Chairman of the Public Banking Institute, shares HOW we can end the Federal Reserve. Brown describes how the United States central bank WAS initially set up as a public utility to benefit the entire country and all of our citizens. Due to excessive war time debt, ruthless bankers from England took over ownership – and essentially took over our country, as well – when the Federal Reserve became a private institution. Using the well established model of the 100+ year old central bank of North Dakota, Brown explains how Los Angeles, New Jersey, and over a dozen other initiatives around the country are looking at creating their own public banking system to save money and to preserve their money to grow the local economy.

You can see the episode on WHY we should end the Federal Reserve with Wayne Jett here:


XJ22 Report date: 09.04.2018 The central bankers are now threatening the BREXIT, if there is no deal there might be difficulties for several economic sectors. Australians are spending as the housing market collapses. IBM is laying off 20K older American workers and hires 37,000 younger foreign workers. The central banker economy is collapsing at an accelerated pace. The Fed is raising rates during a period of time when it shouldn’t.

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