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The Mission of Dragonfly Coalition: Renewing Our Community

The core mission of Dragonfly Coalition is to renew our community by creating venues where people can find suitable and sustainable shelter for themselves and their loved ones, and be supported in the community through their journey out of homelessness and poverty as they return to an acceptable minimum level of accommodations that provide for their fundamental needs.

All the programs included in the Dragonfly Coalition / Community Wellspring business model are designed to address every layer of community support that is so necessary to building a thriving community ANYWHERE.

It isn’t just the homeless people down by the riverbed or combing through the garbage cans in the alley ways looking for something to eat that we’re talking about.

It also includes the poverty and food insecurity that is suffered behind closed doors or at the check out stand in the grocery stores when seniors, reliant upon food stamps just to get to eat a little bit, try to buy food for the month with hardly enough food allowance for a week. The evidence of the discrepancy in the federal/state’s food allowance formulas is all around if we’re paying any attention at all. Hardly anyone is noticing though, unless they’re being directly affected by the inequity.

Seniors living on severely limited income are far too isolated from one another to even know if the discrepancy is being felt by anyone aside from our own selves. But the evidence points to the tragic reality that everyone who relies upon food stamps to nourish themselves in these strained economic times is being negatively impacted by short-sighted policymaking of the federal regulations as they apply to feeding the poor and the homeless among us.

It’s uncomfortable for people in polite society to think about seniors quietly starving in their homes, should they be so fortunate to even have a home. I venture to say that it’s even more uncomfortable for the starving seniors who have no recourse and who struggle to provide sufficient nourishment for themselves month after month.

It’s time for a different plan, a new plan that addresses the real requirements of what it’s going to take to truly and thoroughly and finally! renew our community.

As we implement steps to renew our community, the homelessness that is negatively impacting every neighborhood and public thoroughfare in our town will evaporate – WILL disappear.  Everyone will have a place to sleep and to take care of themselves and sufficient nourishment to feed themselves.

We will live in grateful celebration of our renewed community, our restored health and well-being and prosperity, and our revived fellowship with one another and all who choose to join us.

That’s why we’re here.

Buckminster Fuller, a very wise man, a creative man with a great imagination, a visionary for our time, gave us our guiding principle:

That old model that we are living under right now – is already obsolete and has been for as long as homelessness has plagued our town and our county. The only reason it hasn’t been discarded already is because no one has any ideas on how to create a model that works for everyone concerned…until now.

Our Dragonfly Coalition / Community Wellspring project plan and business model corrects that deficiency. So let’s begin.


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